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RC Helicopter Tricks & Stunts


People consider the RC helicopters to be the most difficult remote or radio-controlled vehicle in terms of precision navigation.

This is true but once you start learning, you will find it to be a fun and enjoyable hobby. Piloting an RC heli can be a challenge and it takes many hours of practice before you actually figure out all the controls.

Once you are comfortable with the controls and you start maneuvering your RC heli through the skies, you will definitely want to try out some tricks and stunts to impress your friends and family. It is very important to learn those maneuvering techniques properly so that the heli is not damaged and you do not end up hurting yourself or the people watching.

Two of my favorite stunts are the Roll & the Death Spiral


First, you want to elevate your RC heli to a reasonably safe altitude (around 30-50 feet). Start by moving the cyclical controls to the right. Make sure that this movement is gentle and fluid. Then reduce the unwanted deceleration risk by releasing the controls and watch the heli roll approaching the “Knife Edge” (the heli will be on its side and the rotors will have vertical orientation).

Change the thrust direction up from down by reducing collective pitch and the heli will start flying in an upside down position. Once the heli is upside down, take the collective pitch to 3 degrees negative and wait for the heli to approach “Knife Edge”.

As this happens, move the collective pitch towards positive degrees. This will help in full roll and the heli will get back to the upright position. This is how roll stunt can be performed but it will require a lot of practice and much precision.

Death Spiral:

Here’s what you need to do a death spiral:

Take your RC heli to an altitude of around 30 feet by raising the throttle. Take the heli to the “Knife Edge” position by applying left or right aileron (1/4 in whichever direction you choose).

When the heli reaches that position, the rotor blade tip of your RC heli will have a vertical orientation and the RC heli will lose the standard horizontal orientation found during standard flights. Now start the spiral motion maneuver by applying full backward or forward elevator.

When the helicopter starts descending, then apply the aileron opposite to the one that you applied at the start of the stunt. For example, if you applied the right aileron at the beginning, you need to apply the left so that the stunt is complete.

There are several other complex stunts that can be performed while flying an RC heli. However, these will require a great amount of control and understanding of the mechanical dynamics.

You need to be really confident and comfortable with the controls while performing these and any other stunts or you may end up damaging your heli or causing serious harm to people of surrounding property.

It is recommended that you practice any stunts and tricks on a simulator first so that you can familiarize yourself with the controls, and the feel.

by Bryon Cloud


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