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Are you an RC helicopter expert and want to become a contributor? Well, this is your chance to submit a guest post about your passion, and your business.

Why Should You Guest Post on rchelicopterhobbyist.com?

  • Bring more high-quality, relevant, and targeted traffic to your website
  • You can get Social Media promotion (premium service)
  • Boost your online presence
  • Grow your Network
  • Become more visible on the Internet – you can write about you and/or your business in the byline (“About the author” section)
  • Get relevant links – you can insert a link to your website inside in the byline (“About the author” section)

Here are some basic guidelines you need to follow:

  • We want to offer helpful and accurate information to our readers. This is why you will have the highest chances to become a contributor to rchelicopterhobbyist.com if you are an expert in RC helicopters.
  • Your guest post must be minimum of 700+ words long.
  • Your guest post must be 100% original, not published anywhere else. Make sure you browsed our website before submitting your guest post, as we try to avoid covering the same topic more than once.
  • Your guest post must be checked for spelling and grammar; feel free to use Grammarly, it is a great tool if you want to have an error-free text.
  • Your guest post can be written as a “X Kits Review”, “How to” or “Top X tips for” type of article, with a catchy headline; we have listed some ideas below.
  • Your guest post should include sub-headlines.
  • Your guest post should include bullet text when appropriate.
  • Your guest post can include not more than 2 links to relevant websites; we try to avoid “bad neighborhood” as much as possible. Bad neighborhood means not relevant, low quality, or spammy websites.
  • Your guest post should not contain any affiliate links, and must not be overly promotional. We accept advertorials and press releases, but these are paid services.
  • Other types of articles can be submitted as well if the post is helpful to our readers.
  • Your guest post must be relevant and related to this website; relevant means that it has to be about RC helicopters.

Sample Headlines

Here are some sample headlines, in case you lack inspiration.

  • X FAQs explained
  • How to Avoid Spoiling Your First RC Helicopter
  • How to Avoid Crashing Your First RC Helicopter
  • The Beginners’ Guide to
  • X Kit – an Honest Review
  • X Expert ____ Tips
  • Here’s a Quick Way to _______
  • X Creative Ways to ______
  • X Reasons You Should ______
  • The Top X Best and Worst _____ in the World
  • Top X Most ____ Friendly ____
  • X Useful or Beautiful ____
  • X Reasons _____ is Better than ______
  • The Worlds Top X Most Important ______
  • When is it Smarter to ____ or ____?
  • Little Known Ways to ________
  • X Reasons it’s Better to ______
  • How to Plan the Ultimate _____
  • How to _____ Like a _____
  • ____ Jobs You Can Do Yourself
  • Here is a Method That is Helping _____ to _____
  • How to be a _______
  • X Surprising Things You Can _____
  • _____ Like an Expert in X Easy Steps
  • X Money/Time Saving Tips for ______
  • The Secret of Getting the Best Price for Your _______
  • How to Find the Best _____ Deals on the Web
  • Top Gadgets for _____
  • Are _____ Worth the Money?
  • Everything You Need to Know About Getting Cheaper _____
  • Top X Tips For Hassle Free ______
  • Best ____ For Under [Price]
  • Unusual but Achievable ____
  • X Ways to Boost Your ____ Without Spending More _____
  • X Ways to ____ on a Budget
  • X Ways to _____ and Profit
  • X Audacious and Creative _____ Ideas
  • Who Else Wants to ____?
  • Now You Can ____ for Free!
  • How to Get _____ in Half the Time
  • X Stars and their ____
  • _____ Life Styles of the Rich and Famous
  • Now You Can Get More and Better ____ With Less Effort

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